Doctor Michael DeVere-White, is a man racked by guilt and depression.

He is also a world-class biochemist on the verge of unlocking a spectacular cure for Cancer, but his past and personal loss continue to haunt him.

Struggling to find peace -he seeks refuge in an Abbey in rural Ireland. A retreat; an escape from pressures in one of the most advanced biotech companies in the world, just outside Cambridge.

While attempting to find some resolution of guilt over the tragic loss of his family, he encounters something far more mysterious in the midst of this ancient monastic setting. A series of random encounters during his stay unleash forces that point him to find the one woman who has all the answers to his demons.

He embarks on a mission to seek out the reclusive Angelina Melrose Du Pont- a woman with extraordinary powers who lives in the shadows between the natural and supernatural world.

What follows is a journey across Europe, to Russia, and finally to Africa, to a place filled with ancient and more mysterious sites, but with each step, he uncovers more startling aspects of this woman’s past, her power, and leading to a revelation that sweeps him to a breath-taking discovery.