Infinity Meets Immortality

Nearly twelve years on –much has changed. In the wake of the revelations of her grandfather, a new chapter opens in the life of the Du Pont family. A gifted artist, a brother that ascends to the pinnacle of the Vatican, and a power- game aimed at the destruction of the legendary physicist himself. Powerful forces with great wealth and stealth craft his ruination, by manipulation of his granddaughter, Angelina.

At the heart of these forces is the disruption of the Shroud. A protective global technology blanket that prevents Nuclear detonation, and destruction. Oligarchs with powerful interests in uranium production are determined to block this technology.Angelina, herself emerges as an exceptional artist with a maturity beyond her years attracting great fame, but also the malevolent attention of these powerful enemies of her grandfather. Mystical heralds also begin to appear. Bearers of signs –the beginning of a new age, and the emergence of new spiritual abilities endowed to mortals not seen on earth for thousands of years.

Angelina is the first. Her inherent powers remain hidden until, Rigel.  Rigel, an audacious plan by CERN to prove the existence of a receptor particle deep within quantum physics that respond to human thought. In so doing, Valkyrie triggers Angelina’s mystical powers that stagger her family and those who would threaten her loved ones.Soon her artistic abilities assume more profound dimensions. Her sketches mysteriously allow souls of the departed to appear in her drawings and herald a new age between the living and the dead..