Infinity Meets Immortality

Professor Fletcher Du Pont a pioneering physicist, and head of project Euclid undergoes a cataclysmic experience fated by more potent mystical forces. Beginning, when a young physicist begins to utter  plaintive warnings in an obscure  Hebrew dialect from biblical times, heralding an impending  crisis.

Curious ancient symbols with hidden significance appear inside the large  Hadron Accelerator tunnel.  Mysterious ghost particles begin to appear amid Euclid all connected to the ominous Shroud Image. A cataclysmic event triggers  Du Pont into a coma. In this suspended state, Time dilation and Quantum physics intersect. The physicist is shown the existence of unknown laws. Entities reveal secrets governing the Seals of the Creation and its sacred powers.

The Shroud image is but a potent to something no mortal has permitted to see, up to now.

A Jesuit priest and scriptural scholar piece together the underlying events that stun Du Pont’s family, and those of his own church superiors. The iconic image becomes more than just a historical artifact,  but a prelude to a mystical encounter with a Nazarene carpenter that lays bare ancient truths of an existential origin that  herald the onset of staggering consequences.

The physics of nuclear detonation are rendered useless. A new kind of Shroud is born. Du Pont emerges as a man utterly transformed armed  with revelations that shock world leaders and those of Pope Leo IV.